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The following software
is either written by me
or modified by me.
All that you find here,
is of the highest quality !


Details and Download
PTBSync is a multifunction-application from ElmüSoft for the Windows desktop with many software awards.
The program contains a complex organizer, desktop calendar, desktop notes, synchronizes the Windows clock with an atomic clock and extends the taskbar clock.

Universal Boot CD

Download (6,3 MB) (1) (2)

This ISO image of a bootable CD can be used in the case of an emergency if your Windows does not start up anymore.
This boot CD contains 4Dos which is a very powerfull DOS with more than 100 commands (see List) and a detailed documentation in english + german. The boot CD can mount NTFS partitions, contains Norton Commander, three versions of FDISK, BINFO (Infos about mainboard), EDIT, and more,... and loads CD drivers and a mouse driver.


Download (25 KB) (1) (2)
The Encrypter from ElmueSoft encrypts a text with a passphrase and puts the result into a HTML file which you can send as an email attachment to anyone who has a browser that supports JavaScript. The receiver does not need to install any software. Texts encrypted with Encrypter can be read on a PC, Mac or Linux! The security depends on a good passphrase. (Like with PGP's self decrypting archive)
More Info

Multi File Tool

Download (17 KB) (1) (2)

This tool from ElmueSoft works on a folder (and its subfolders) on your disk:
  • set the attributes of all files and folders. (Read-only, Hidden, Archive, System)
  • change the date of all files and folders.
  • create a list as text file of all files and folders.
  • calculate the MD5 signature of all files.
  • list binary and text version of all EXE and DLL files.
  • search for duplicate (triple...) files.
  • also via network.
Changing the date of all files in a folder is very useful for archiving purposes: If you set all the dates of your MP3 files e.g. to the 1.1.2000  00:00 you will recognize the files, which where added since the last backup by their different date.


Smiley Collection

Download (2,1 MB) (1) (2)

1700 sorted Smilies with comfortable Java Script Viewer. The most of them are animated.


Huge Icon Collection


Here you can download the tool IconSearcher which searches Icons in EXE and DLL files on your harddisk.
Additionally you find various huge databases (> 60 MB) with transparent Icons up to 256x256 pixels in high quality.

eBooks and FAQs

Thinking in C++
Vol 1 & 2

Download (2,12 MB) (1) (2)

These two powerfull volumes explain C++ from the beginning. They are interesting for beginners and also for experts. The sourcecodes of the exercises are also included.
Format : Compiled HTML (with integrated search). Mostly very abstract and theoretical.

english   Annotation

Professional MFC Book

Download (2,85 MB) (1) (2)

This is a complete book of ca 1000 pages about Visual C++ 5 in compiled HTML format (with integrated search).    VERY GOOD !

english   Annotation

Win32 API Help

Download (8,22 MB) (1) (2)

This Help file from Microsoft contains the documentation of all Windows API calls known under Windows 95 and NT. If you want to write programs to run on ALL Windows platforms, you can only use the API calls contained in this help.



Download (216 KB) (1) (2)

Visual C++ FAQ in compiled HTML format (with integrated search)

english   Annotation


Download (492 KB) (1) (2)

FAQ about Winsock with C++ sample codes in compiled HTML format (with integrated search)

english   Annotation

Annotation : The original version was a collection of uncountable HTML files and images, which consumed a lot of hard disk space. I compiled them whith the advantage that only ONE compressed CHM file remains and a search function and a treeview table of contents were added. ( Screenshot )

Digital Television


Product description
The Dreambox is a Digital Satellite / Cable Receiver with built in harddisk and LAN connection. The operating system of the Dreambox is Linux. You can directly record a TV program onto the harddisk and later copy it to the PC via network, edit it (e.g. cut advertising) and then burn a DVD - without loss of quality because all is 100% digital.

The Dreambox is delivered fully functional, but you can also load your own modified operating system into the box. In the internet you can find lots of images and extensions. The Dreambox can be accessed from the PC via FTP, SSH, HTTP and network share.

There are some useful forums for the Dreambox but most of them are German. (You find links on my German page)

Cutting Video

FTP Downloader

Project X

Cuttermaran 1.69



To burn a movie from digital television on a DVD the following steps are required:
  • Via network share copy the file(s) with the extension .TS (the satellite Transport Stream) on the PC.
  • With "Partial Ftp Downloader", which I develoed especially for the Dreambox, you can download movies via Internet from the Dreambox, also partially.
    The preview funcion allows to determine where a film starts and ends.
  • With "Project X" split the file(s) into a video stream and an audio stream.
  • With "Cuttermaran" cut (edit) the files. (e.g. remove advertising) Cuttermaran creates a finished MPG file.
  • You can either burn this directy as a Data-DVD or with "DvdLab" (very professionel, see below for more information) you can create a proper video DVD with menu.
  • To edit audio tracks I recommend WaveLab (which supports MP2 since version 5)
All these tools are for Windows.

with sourcecode



SqlBuilder is a very useful Open Source (C#) tool for all developers, which work with databases.
  • SqlBuilder makes working on SQL servers much easier.
  • One intention of SqlBuilder is, not to need the primitive and awkward Microsoft SQL tools anymore.
  • SqlBuilder has a complicated Syntax Parser, which does not only display SQL commands in colors but also automatically converts badly written code into readable code. Long SQL commands like SELECT are wraped automatically in an intelligent way onto multiple lines and are indented. The parsing happens during entering text. Normally you have to pay much money for this functionality.
  • Additionally SqlBuilder reads automatically stored procedures, views, functions and trigger from the server and allows to edit and store them.
  • Any SQL command can be executed and the result is displayed as (a) table(s).
  • All procedures, views, functions, triggers and table definitions can be saved in seconds as *.SQL files. (DataBase Backup)
  • SqlBuilder was designed that a developer team stores in Subversion or CVS, which procedures, functions etc.. have been changed on the server since the last release and then create automatically ONE huge SQL file for the next release, which is given to the client to execute it to update his server.

A detailed documentation can be found in the download of the sourcecode.


Digital Oscilloscope
with Logic Analyzer

You can connect the parallel port with one up to 17 digital input signals. This comfortable program shows the signals graphically and decodes serial protocols like asynchronous (RS232,RS422,RS485), PS/2, I2C, SMBus, ModBus, SPI Bus, Infrared remote controls, Smartcards


Ftp Downloader

A FTP program for special needs. Joining splitted archives, download of only a specific part of a file, scheduler, bandwidth control, preview function, and more...


Powerpoint Creator

This program creates PowerPoint presentations fully automated based on XML templates and dynamic data which may come for example from a database.



CabLib is an Open Source library, which allows compressing and extracting files into CAB archives. CAB archives have a better compression ratio than ZIP archives. CabLib exists in 2 versions: A code, which can be integrated into C++ programs or as a DLL (assembly), which can be integrated into all .NET projects. CabLib supports Unicode and encryption of data.
CabLib can directly extract a CAB file from a server - also partial downloads.
A detailed documentation can be found in the download of the sourcecode.


This project is based on CabLib: an installer, which installs or updates huge software projects - also per internet, directly from a server.
Additionally it contains an universal Multi-Language class, with which any .NET project easily supports any number of languages.


DHTML Editor

DHTML Editor is a C++ library for Visual Studio 6 or higher, which integrates Internet Explorer as a control into your application, so that it displays HTML content and allows to edit it.
With this library you can add a comfortable HTML editor to any C++ application, (like in Outlook Express) which also allows creating tables.
A detailed documentation can be found in the download of the sourcecode.




Cuttermaran is a program, with which you can cut MPEG video films (DVB = digital television). (e.g. cut out the commercials)

101 C# and VB Code Samples


The 101 sample sourcecodes from Microsoft demonstrate nearly every area of .NET programming with a working sample.

Software Links

Here you find only programs,
which I know and
which I can recommend
without limitations.


IcoFX 1.64 portable (1,6 MB)
IcoFX is a very versatile Icon Editor. It can also be used to work with PNG graphics.
Today you have to pay a license to use IcoFX. But version 1.64 was still freeware.

Partition Recovery

EaseUs Partition Recovery is your helper in the moments of desperation. When suddenly your operating system does not boot anymore and additionally all partitions are lost, this means that your MBR (Master Boot Record) got corrupted. The MBR stores the information where each partition starts on the disk. Without MBR a disk appears to be completely empty.

This incredible program is able to scan the entire harddisk, search for partitions and write a new MBR. In 2 minutes it recovers a 160 GB harddisk. When you think that you are really really pissed off and will have to install all anew, give EaseUs Partition Recovery a chance before doing so!

And you won't believe it: It's for free!


Partition Backup

Paragon Partition Backup stores entire partitions (even while Windows is running) into Image files for later restore. Also the Master Boot Record (MBR) can be saved and restored.
The program allows to create a "Backup Capsule" on the harddisk, that is invisible for malware. In this capsule you can store the images. It is normally hidden and becomes only visible when you boot from the Paragon Boot CD (or the USB stick), that offers a comfortable graphical user interface.
The program is extremely easy to use, very fast and compresses the images automatically.
It has several features like extracting single files from an image, differential backup, backup scheduler, backup to Blue Ray, to FTP, and more.
It is better than alternatives like CloneZilla, which is very awkward to use and only has a simple text user interface.
In comparison with the competition from Acronis it is for free.



(4 MB) (1) (2)

Virusscanners have to overcome multiple problems, because Trojans permanently invent new methods to hide themselfs intelligently on the computer. The best way to scan the harddisk is while the operating system is NOT running.
This can be done with the bootable F-Secure Rescue CD.

If you want to check your Virus Scanner, you can do that with the encrypted archive AntiVirusChecker.zip. It contains 75 infected files, which your virus scanner should detect.

If you search for a freeware scanner, I recommend BitDefender Free Version.

Here you find the results of a test with Norton, Bitdefender, AntiVir, Kaspersky, Trendmicro, Norman, Sophos, F-Secure and Avast.

As you see: the perfect virus scanner does not exist! Generally you should NEVER rely on your virus scanner and combine it with a tool like ThreatFire (see below), which also protects against very new virus / worms without requiring a database, which must be updated permanently.

As an alternative I recommend VirusTotal where you can upload a suspicious file and VirusTotal checks it with 37 actual virus scanners!


(5 MB) (1) (2)

DiamondCS offers security software.
All these programs have one thing in common: they are high quality software and they are easy to use.

Sadly the DiamondCS website is dead.
But from ElmüSoft you can download a Zip Package with the following content:

  • Process Guard:   (Screenshot)
    Runs deep in the operating system and observes all running processes. Avoids trojanss to kill antivirus software. Only Windows 2000, XP and 2003
  • Port Explorer:   (Screenshot)
    Displays all open TCP and UDP ports, packet sniffer, bandwidth throttle, trojan detection. For Windows 95 to 2003.
  • DiamondCS Tools:
    Some interesting freeware tools:
    shows, what progs are started when booting (MUCH more than other tools show!),
    kills EVERY process, also those which Taskmanager doesn't want to kill,
    DelLater deletes a file on reboot,
    RegistryProt warns when the Registry is modified, etc....

    Not contained in the Zip package:

  • Trojan Defense Suite:   (Screenshot)
    Detects thousands of Trojans which are not detected by virus scanners, RAT server, keylogger. For Windows 95 to XP
  • Crypto Suite:   (Screenshot)
    Encrypts files and folders. Even if your hardddisk is stolen nobody can read your data. Secure delete, Explorer intergration. For Windows 98 to 2003


ThreatFire offers Realtime Protection for the PC in the same way as DiamondCS: a driver observes suspicious activities like those executed by worms and trojans.

In contrast to virus scanners you don't have to install daily updates of many megabyte, which often not even are usefull because the production of new worms goes faster than the Antivirus vendors can chase after. Instead Threatfire warns in the moment where a worms wants to install itself, without requiring databases with outdated virus signatures.
A Rootkit scanner is integrated. And ThreatFire is free!

Screenshot Main window
Screenshot Alert window

Windows (Total) Commander

If you're still wasting your time with the Windows Explorer, you simply don't know Windows Commander! (new name "Total Commander")
The WinCommander joins a File Manager, a FTP client, a packer / unpacker and more in one program.
So it replaces at least Windows Explorer, WinZip and a FTP program.
Once you get used to working with it you will never want to miss it!

  • 2 windows side by side. (see screenshot)
  • File operations with drag and drop or keyboard shortcuts
  • It is MUCH quicker than Explorer!
  • Comparing and Synchronizing folders
  • Content compare function for text and binary files
  • Saving of often used folders (favorites)
  • Context menu (right mouse button) of Explorer available.
  • Opening ZIP, RAR, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, CAB, and ACE and display of the content as a subfolder.
  • Searching in archives
  • Creating and opening of Self-extracting archives
  • Available in lots of languages.
  • and MUCH more!


JDownloader automates the Download of archive packages from Rapidshare and hunderts of other filehosters. If you want to download for example a RAR file that is splitted in 25 parts and if the filehoster allows only to download one file at the same time, it becomes a pain to download these 25 files manually. But if you use JDownloader all happens automatically including the unpacking of the RAR file. A vivid community updates the plugins frequently so the program always stays updated.


Foxit PDF Reader
Foxit PDF Creator
Foxit PDF Editor

FoxitReader is an alternate Freeware PDF Viewer which has some advantages over Adobe's Acrobat Reader:
  • Needs no installation, runs from pendrive.
  • It loads much faster and without splash screen.
  • Download size only 1,5 MB. (while Acrobat Reader is 20 MB)
  • You can make annotations in the PDF document (e.g. underline text, add your own text, see screenshot) and save these to disk or print them out.
  • You may convert the whole PDF document into a simple text file.
  • Now you don't have to print out PDF forms first and then manually write text into paper forms. Instead, fill out forms in FoxitReader and then print them out.
  • Your browser will never again crash or hang while you open a PDF document on a webpage because FoxitReader will always open PDFs in an own process and not in a browser window.

Screenshot (the red, green, blue and yellow symbols are annotations painted with FoxitReader)

Foxit PDF Creator allows you to convert non-PDF file into PDF file. (no Freeware)
Foxit PDF Editor allows you to modify content of a PDF file. (no Freeware)

PDF Factory

Context Gmbh
PDF Factory is a Printer Driver, which allows to convert any document (e.g. from MS Word), which is sent to the printer, into a PDF document.

Interesting side effect: If you have a protected PDF document, which does not allow to copy text from it, you only have to "print" this document to PDF Factory and you get the same document but without protection.


Download PGP 8
(9 MB) (1) (2) (PGPi)

With the freeware program PGP 8 you can encrypt emails, files and network connections with up to 2048 bit keys. You can also create self-extracting encrypted archives (EXE), which will only decrypt after entering the correct passphrase.

An additional feature is PGPdisk, which creates an encrypted drive. This drive appears as a normal drive with files and folders in it. But all data in this drive is stored in one single encrypted file. To open this drive you have to enter the passphrase. Even in the case that your harddisk is stolen nobody can read the data.
PGPdisk is not freeware. You can also use the freeware TrueCrypt for this purpose. (see below)

Form version 8 on you can trust PGP again as the source-code is published. From version 9 on PGP is not freeware anymore, for that you can download version 8 here.

Tip :
PGP offers a high security if you use a good passphrase. You should use words, which don't exist in dictionaries and use lower case and upper case letters at a wrong position in a word and include numbers. Also you should never write down your passphrase anywhere!


TrueCrypt 7.1
With the freeware program TrueCrpyt you can create encrypted volumes. These can be based either on a single encrypted file or you can encrypt an entire partition. After entering the correct passphrase you can read and write the encrypted (virtual) volume in exactly the same way as any other (real) volume. If someone steals your harddisk, nobody can read your data.

You can also burn a 4,5 GB encrypted file onto a DVD together with the tiny TrueCrypt program (800 kB). Then you can put this DVD into any computer, start TrueCrypt without installation directly from the DVD, enter the passphrase and the content of the DVD will open in a new Windows volume (e.g. drive M:) with all its directories and files as you have created it before.
Truecrypt can even encrypt your entire Windows partition while Windows is running!
Afterwards you have to enter each time your password before Windows starts up.

This is the last official version of Truecrpyt. Although in Truecrypt never serious security holes have been found, the project has been stopped for mysterious reasons. The follower program is VeraCrypt.



TeamViewer is a Remote Administration Tool, which allows to connect with another computer (even PC with MAC) and remote-control it. You can also show your desktop to your colleagues in a team session.

The special feature of Teamviewer is, that in contrast to a Windows Remote-Desktop connection it allows to connect via Internet, even if both computers are behind a firewall! This is possible because Teamviewer connects to a server, which assigns a unique user identifier to each user. Then you give this number to your partner to connect.

You do not need any administrator privileges to run the program, it runs without installation.
Additionally Teamviewer has a file-transfer module and also functions within local networks without internet access.



Hamachi creates virtual networks, but in contrast to TeamViewer it installs a virtual network device with a virtual IP address in the range 5.x.y.z on your PC. The datatransfer is encrypted and you connect with the other computers in your virtual network as if they would really exist under this IP address. If for example one of the computers in your network is a web server you can enter in your browser and your browser behaves as if this IP address would really exist in the internet.


Foto Viewer


Version 2.22
(420 KB) (1) (2)


ACDSee is a Graphic browser, that supports all graphic formats (also animated graphics) With the space bar you can jump to the next image on your hard disk / CD. The program adapts to the size of the image or can be used in fullsreen mode to make a slide show. The Thumbnail view gives a quick overview about all images in a folder.
This old version 2.22 of ACDSee is a fully functional Freeware (although if not registered it will show a popup from time to time) while the newer ACDSee versions are shareware.

If you are looking for a software to not only display the images and videos from your digital camera but also edit and manage them, I recommend the shareware ACDSee version 8 or the Freeware Faststone Image Viewer which shows the fotos also on a beamer.

DVD Tools

At Doom9 you find software and guides to ripp DVD's, convert them to Video CD, AVI, MPEG or DivX, to cut and play films.... etc.


DVDlab is a very professionel DVD Author. Creating menus you have much mor freedom than with other programs. You can simply add multiple audio tracks and subtitle tracks to a video track. Although the program offers complex functionalty it easy to use and has a detailed help.


Zoomplayer is a Multimedia and DVD Player with lots of functions. It plays video and audio files of any kind including WMA, WMV, TS files from satellite, DivX, AVI, and PART files, which were partly downloaded from eMule.

With the plugin VobSub ZoomPlayer displays subtitles which are stored in external files. (with the same filename as the video)

Alive Video Converter



Alive Video Converter can convert AVI, DivX, XviD, MPEG, WMV, MOV, ASF, QuickTime into AVI, DivX, XviD, DVD, SVCD, VCD, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV, RM or MP3 format and extract audio tracks from video.


AliveMedia also offers tools to convert iPod, MP4, WMA, text to speech, a DVD Ripper, CD Ripper etc.

TmpgEnc Xpress from Pegasys converts lots of video formats into MPEG, DVD, AVI, WMV in extremely high quality. Also bitrate and screen format (PAL / NTSC) can be modified.

ELSA Driver

ELSA Driver
Because ELSA does not exist anymore it has become difficult to get drivers for old ELSA hardware On the FTP server of the university of Göttingen you find all drivers - for free!


Win Driver Backup saves all installed drivers into a folder. If you have to reinstall your Windows, you can start this program on the old system, and it will backup all required drivers. Then you don't need dozens of CD's from hardware manufacturers!

Windows Tools

Windows Tools
Link collection with thousand tools for Windows.

SysInternals Utilities

An incredible amount of useful tools can be found here.
Some examples:
  • FileMon shows all read / write accesses on the harddisk.
  • RegMon shows all read / write accesses on the Registry.
  • ProcessExplorer shows all running processes, which DLLs they have loaded and can kill them.
  • TCPView shows all open ports and whith whom they are connected.
  • and MANY more......

DHCP Test Tool

Into the DHCP Query Tool you enter a MAC address and the tool starts a DHCP query and shows the response from the DHCP server.
This is very usefull to analyze problems with DHCP. Download under Products --> Desktop Software


Dreamweaver is the HTML Editor for professionals. Webpages are created on the fly.
Supports Flash and Java script.
Comfortable handling.


Fruityloops is a Synthesizer to compose your own Techno music, or you simply use it as a Drum Machine. From a huge list of high quality sounds you choose one and modify it with lots of parameters. Then you can place the sound as a little square into the Playlist.


Hypersonic is a Sampler, on which you can play an incredible amount of lifelike instruments on your PC if it is connected to a MIDI keyboard: guitars, pianos, sax, tuba, organ, harp, trombone, bass, cello, harpsichord, many kinds of drums & percussion, lots of african and indian instruments up to xylophone, panpipe, harmonica and bagpipe! (to enumerate only a few of them) Additionally there is a huge collection of synthetic sounds like from the New Age and Techno genre. All sounds are of perfect quality and the repertory is really huge!


Ares is a File Sharing Program (P2P). You can search for any file, also software etc. It's a very recommendable program and very simple to use and MUCH faster than eMule. With intergrated chat. It is possible to listen into partly downloaded songs with the integrated player. Ares runs through a SOCKS Proxy and supports the BitTorrent protocol.


GetRight is a Download Helper. If you are downloading a file of 300 MB with your Browser and after 2 hours the download stops at 92%, you dont have any chance with your browser: you have to restart from the beginning.
GetRight resumes broken downloads automatically. You give the address of a file and it loads from a website or a FTP server. This even works if the webserver requires a valid cookie before it makes the file available. GetRight reads the cookie from your browsers cookie cache. It can also pass freshly loaded files to your virus scanner. Optionally it searches for alternate download servers and downloads multiple segments of the file from different slow servers.
ATTENTION: It is possible that a wrong file is loaded which accidentally has the same name.
I recommend NOT to enable "Search for Alternates"!!


Musicmatch is the best MP3 Musicbox, it plays and manages your MP3 collection.
In the lower list (Music Library) you can sort by Artist, Genre, Album, Year..... If you double-click a song, it is added to the upper Playlist, which is played one by one. So you can specify which song should be played as next and after that etc.
The automatic DJ can select songs for example for the following 6 hours from the genre Hardrock and add them to the playlist. Therefore you have to correctly enter the ID3 tags which are contained in every MP3. (s.b. Tagscanner)

Additionally you can grab Audio CD's and convert them to MP3, burn CDs, Internet radio, CDDB, multiple skins...... If you only know Winamp you should try MusicMatch !


The Tagscanner generates the ID3 tags in MP3 files (Artist, Title, Album, Genre, Year...) from the filename / foldername and reverse : rename the files according to their ID3 tags. With one mouse click you change all files in a folder and its subfolders. Additionally you can create a HTML table of contents from your complete music library.


WaveLab is highly professional Audio Software for recording own music or radio. Music/voice files (e.g. WAV, MP3, AU, AIF, RAM) can be resolved up to a single oscillation, cut and put together again as easy as "copy and pasting" a text! Change volume and sampelrate, add effects (Echo, Compressor, Equalizer, Expander), cut noise...

Additionally you can mount together multiple files. Wavelab contains a signal generator, a 3D frequency analysis, MIDI Integration...... and a very good help.

I have tested a lot of audio software, but Wavelab is the only program I have seen, that NEVER crashed, that does not have even one bug and that shows the highest quality in all its functions and is very easy to use.

From Version 5 on you can also edit audio tracks for DVD authoring. (MP2)


Dameware is THE tool for administrators! It allows remote configuration via network, installs its client automatically on any computer in the net, takes over mouse and keyboard of the remote computer, Active Directory support, Exchange 2000/5.5 Administration, Citrix Support, BackOffice Administration, Reset passowrds, remote Registry, shutdown, kill processes, very user friendly interface. The admin can manage all requests at the telephone via dameware!


JHC Software
G-Tune is a tuning program for guitars, pianos and other instruments. You connect the guitar via microphone or pickup with the PC soundcard and you are ready! G-Tune automatically detects the tone you have played and displays with a vertical red bar the deviation from the correct pitch. Additionally there is an oscilloscope, a spectrum analysis and a strobe display. It is also possible to intentionally tune the instrument to a higher or lower pitch. You can also define your own temperament or use one of the multiple temperament presets. You can even create MIDI in real time from what you are playing!


WinAce is a very easy to use Packer / Unpacker for ALL packed file formats. It looks like Windows Explorer (see Screenshot) and is really capable of opening all file formats. (ACE, ZIP, LHA, RAR.....) It can encrypt/decrypt archives and if an archive is corrupted, it can extract the files which still can be read.


Download Winpack 2.31
(500 kB)
(1) (2)
WinPack is a packer/unpacker, which allows to open, InstallShield CAB files or to extract files from or replace files inside them. You must know that Installshield-CAB files are NOT the same as MS-CAB files! While the latter can be opened with nearly any packer tool, WinPack is the only tool which opens the former! The GUI tool controls the commandline tools i6comp.exe, i5comp.exe and i3comp.exe, which are included in the packet.


WinPack needs at least two files: Data1.cab and Data1.hdr !


Thumbs creates a Thumbnail-Overview from images of every kind. Ideal for publishing the own foto collection in the internet or on a CD, or to offer an image- or video archive for download. You can put your individual border around the fotos.


DiskData shows the hard disk coverage graphically. You see in a bar-diagram, which folders / files consume the most hard disk space. But you do not only see the files sizes but also how much space they really require on your hard disk (On FAT 16 EVERY file requires a minimum of 32 KB (also if the file has the size of only 1 Byte!), on FAT 32 a minimum of 4 KB.)

Restorer 2000

Restorer can restore deleted files. This functions even with the demo version of Restorer.
ATTENTION: This will only function if the area on the harddisk, where the deleted file was located, is not yet overwritten with new data. So it will work best with files which were deleted recently!


SpyBot is a Dialer, Keylogger, Spyware, Trojan Scanner, that scans the hard disk for programs, which send personal informations about you (e.g. passwords) into the internet. But SpyBot also shows minor security lacks like recent file lists and cookies. Additionally the program can cleanly wipe files from your harddisk. An autostart viewer shows all programs which are loaded at boot time.
It detects also Active-X components installed into Internet Explorer which are Spyware and can make Internet Explorer more secure.
You find a description of all the products SpyBot searches for and it makes backups of all changes, so you can undo all.
Screenshot (from German version)


Ad-Aware searches your hard disk and registry for Ad-/Spyware. In Ad-Search you can enter the name of a program and it shows, if it is Spyware.
There are lots of applications which observe your surfing customs and send this information to a server. The purpose is to show you an individualized advertizing on webpages or directly in the program. This gives the Software author an additional (or the only one) income. Spyware are even well known programs like Babylon, Bearshare, iMesh, GetRight or Gozilla. At the moment Ad-Search recognizes 750 spyware programs!! Sometimes you can simply delete a DLL to remove the spying. Other programs will not work anymore after that.

PaintShop pro

Paint Shop pro is the program for editing images, which I like most. Not a dinosaur like Adobes Photoshop (huge and slow) it offers all the functionality, you need for foto / image editing. A GIF Animator is also part of the package.
Beside the standard functions like Brush, Airbrush, Flood Fill..... you can work with multiple layers and channels, have lots of filters, which I can't enumerate here, histogram functions and very useful special filters, (e.g. for scanned pictures) like automatic contrast optimization and removing a moiré, red eyes and JPG artefacts.
It is also capable of loading Adobe compatible plugins. The programs runs stable, I have never seen a crash.


MicroAngelo is an Icon Browser and Editor You can edit a single Icon pixel by pixel or scan the whole hard disk for all Icons, which are contained in EXE or DLL files.
Screenshot (only Icon Studio)

Omnipage pro

Omnipage is a Text Recognition Program (OCR). Any page from your Scanner is converted to plain text or to a True-Page with all paragraphs, columns an pictures and saved as TXT or RTF. You should at least use version 10, the former versions make significantly more errors.


ChemSketch is a graphical program to draw Chemical Molecules. It has a lot of intelligent functionality, a very detailed help, can also draw arrangements, shows rotating 3D-views of molecules, comes with a library of the most important molecules and is Freeware.

Mighty Fax

Mighty Fax is a small Fax Program, which is easy to use and can send and receive faxes. If you wrote a text e.g. in MS Word, you can send it by Word's print function directly as a fax. If you don't need special features like faxes to multiple recipients or a complicated fax addressbook, this little program is fully sufficient.

Pop Tray

PopTray can delete emails directly from the server without downloading them. First it connects the POP server and downloads only the email headers and shows them in a list, every email with its size, sender and subject. Then you can select some emails (e.g. Mail bombs) and delete them directly from the server. Additionally you can define rules, black & whitelists, check for new mail every X minutes and then display the actual state in the tray icon.

Teleport pro

Teleport pro is a Webspider which downloads complete webpages to your hard disk and makes them available offline. You enter a start address (HTML) and all pages with their images and sub-pages, are downloaded. It loads 10 files at once. You can set a limit up to which depth it should follow the links in the webpages and if you also want to download pages from different domains. You can set a filter to only load the HTML pages or e.g. only all the JPG images which are greater than 50 KB.


This Screensaver shows very impressing fotos from the Hubble space telescope. The Installer has a size of 85 MB and is full of high resolution images.


Geiss is a psychedelic Screensaver which generates floating coloured patterns, that are moving with the music. (In the Windows "Record Control" you have to select "What U hear".) With the "N" key you change to the next pattern.
Ideal for parties !


Network Chemistry
Packetyzer is a top quality Network Spy / Sniffer with statistic functions and packet analyser. It logs all data transfer on your network and supports 500 network protocols. It is similar to Ethereal but it's GUI is more user friendly.


Download (80 kB) (1) (2)

Tweaki for Power users

TweakUI offers a comfortable GUI to change hidden system settings which you normally only can change by editing the registry :
  • Automatic Log-on at boot time (also network log-on)
  • Switching off the autostart of CD's
  • Mouse settings, repair functions, boot settings....
  • Changing Locations for "My Documents", "Program Files"....
  • Turning off system icons on the dektop (Network Neighbourhood, Recycler, Internet Explorer...)
  • Turning off the shortcut arrow for desktop icons :

A similar program with different features is Tweaki for Power Users. It can optimize the startmenu, allows Administrators to disable Windows functions (like in the Control Panel), optimizes MS Office, Explorer and Internet Explorer and much more.....

Windows CD ISO Builder

With this tool you can integrate a Service Pack into a Windows 2000, XP or 2003 CD, and create an Unattended Install CD.
After booting from this CD it installs Windows without any interaction like asking annoying questions (Product Key, Language settings, Admin password etc) Additionally it can patch the UxTheme.dll, the TcpIp.sys.dll and the Sfc_Os.dll. The program creates an ISO Image of your new bootable CD, which you can burn for example with Nero.

Monitor Tester

Download (240 kB) (1) (2)

This Monitor Tester offers fullscreen test pictures to check geometry, convergency, sharpness, high voltage regulation.... Additionally you can check the correct setting of brightness and contrast.



Download (620 kB) (1) (2)

TestCPU is a tiny Benchmark Tool, that identifies the processor and measures the speed of CPU and RAM. You can compare your CPU with others. TestCPU doesn't need hours to display the result like other benchmark tools. Within seconds you see the results of the tests. The program fits on a floppy disk so you can use it when buying a new computer.


This Memory Test tests thoroughly the RAM. 10 different tests with different algorithms search not only for static but also for dynamic errors. There are tests with and without cache and with different refresh times.
This test runs from a boot diskette or boot-CD! This is the only way to securly test the entire RAM.


Sandra is a Hardware Diagnostic Tool, that displays informations about Mainboard, Processor, RAM, Network, SCSI..... It also informs about Windows Settings, installed OpenGL, OLE, Direct-X drivers.... and contains some benchmark tests.

Font Tools


FontLab and Font Creator are tools to create your own fonts. You can add characters to an existing font or delete characters or modify them. Also the "Font Info" like font name, copyright, version etc can be edited.
But if you want want to create a completely new character from the scratch, I recommend to use Corel Draw in the first step and then do the post processing of the font with one of these tools.
Screenshot FontLab
Screenshot Font Creator


Here you can download Desktop backgrounds and offer your own ones.

XP Themes

Uncountable Desktop Themes for Windows XP.
To install them you first have to patch a Windows DLL !! You get the patch also there.


NetOP is the ultimate Tool for Teachers, whether in the classroom or for training.
The teacher can demonstrate anything on his computer and all students see it on their monitor. Then the teacher can switch over and the students can go on working on their own computer. During that the teacher can unnoticeably watch what they are doing. NetOP is running very deep in the operating system so the student can do nothing on his computer while his monitor is switched to the teacher: neither with the mouse nor with CTRL-ALT-DEL. There is no process or service which the student could terminate to escape the control of NetOP. NetOP is cheaper than similar products and available for Linux.

Böhm Eprom Burner

Download (35 kB) (1) (2)

This program from ElmüSoft controls the Böhm Eprom burner μ Prom via serial port.

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